Apple once again breaks hearts by removing escape key

Apple has again mustered up the "courage" to toy with our emotions.  Prior to Apple's MacBook Pro event on Thursday, MacRumors reported a new update to macOS Sierra, which contained an image of a new MacBook Pro. The photo shows the device with speakers next to the keyboard and a brand new touch panel that appears to replace the function, escape and power keys. Just as people were starting to accept the tragic loss of the beloved iPhone headphone jack, Apple goes and takes away the escape key. [...]

Mega merger alert: AT&T to pay $80 billion for Time Warner

AT&T has reportedly reached a deal to buy Time Warner for $80 billion, a move that would create one of the most powerful media companies in the world.  The merger combines one of the biggest distribution companies with one of the biggest producers of TV and movies. AT&T owns DirecTV and is the second-largest wireless provider in the United States [...]

Samsung godkendte selv brandbatteriet

Selvom der findes 26 certificerede laboratorier i verden til at teste mobiltelefoners batterier, valgte Samsung at bruge sit eget til Galaxy Note 7-telefonen, der har selvantændt ved flere tilfælde. Eksperter er uenige om, hvorvidt det er problematisk. [...]

4 ways to lower your cell phone bill

Have you ever opened your cell phone bill and thought, “Wow, that was cheap?” Yeah, didn’t think so. But take heart: It’s possible to lower your charges before your next billing cycle. SEE ALSO: Google sends invite for likely Pixel smartphone launch on Oct [...]
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