Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign — what went wrong last time

Hillary Clinton 's impending 2016 presidential bid is due to be announced Sunday Her supporters and opponents are waiting with bated breath, not on if Clinton will run — that's already been tabled. They're just waiting for the official announcement, with this weekend all but confirmed to be the time she announces her bid. It's been quite a few years since Clinton's last run — a failed 2008 presidential campaign that ended up paving the way for President Barack Obama. [...]

Portuguese buses and taxis are also wi-fi routers

Routers on 600 buses and taxis allow free Internet access and collect data for city planners. A massive mobile Wi-Fi network that could be a model for many cities was launched in the city of Porto, Portugal, this fall. Buses and taxis are equipped with routers that serve as mobile Wi-Fi hot spots for tens of thousands of riders. [...]
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