In a remote corner of outback Australia, dinosaur bones are being unearthed

EULO, Australia — In a corner of outback Australia known mostly for mining and farming, the bones of extinct creatures are an unusual new harvest This sparsely populated region of southwest Queensland, covered millions of years ago by a vast inland sea, was once trod by dinosaurs and marsupials the size of minivans. In recent years, the bones of these creatures have begun to be unearthed. In a place where properties are so large cattle are mustered with helicopters, the discovery of fossils is more than a curiosity [...]

Concept MINI Cooper looks like a space shuttle on wheels

The MINI Cooper gets a decidedly futuristic new look in a video released this week for a concept vehicle the company calls MINI Vision Next 100 What's immediately apparent is that the car is personalized for each user, with interactive light messages greeting a new driver on the floor in front of the side door, as well as personalized messages on the dashboard. Once you're ready to get inside, the steering wheel and gas/brake pedals slide over to your side of the door for convenience Layered in mostly translucent plastic, much of it with changing exterior graphics, the most striking feature of the concept car is The Cooperizer. The circular device looks a lot like the MINI's current dashboard display, except that this one is a light-based interactive control interface that takes the dash to the next level, allowing you to control speed, climate and other features.  Read more.. [...]
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