4chan, Anonymous working to get Julian Assange working internet

It's been a rough week for WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange, who's cooped up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London with no internet and, possibly, poisonous vegan meals trying to kill him.  SEE ALSO: Julian Assange's internet's down and everyone on Twitter has a theory But members of 4chan and Anonymous are rallying together to get Assange the Wi-Fi he needs so that a good samaritan can stop reading him everything off of the internet .  The plan, per a report by The Next Web , is called "Operation Hot Pockets" and involves members of the notorious internet gathering around the embassy, in shifts, to create wireless hotspots so Assange can, once again, access the internet to leak emails, update his Friendster account, and do whatever else he needs to do (Instacart?).  Read more... More about Julian Assange , Anonymous , Wikileaks , 4chan , and Tech [...]

Past interview includes Trump praising ‘nasty woman’ Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump seems to have forgotten how wonderful he used to think Hilary Clinton was. At the final presidential debate Wednesday night, the Republican candidate was sure to sneak in an insult about his opponent as she discussed his tax payments. Minutes after Trump claimed he was the ultimate respecter of women , he interrupted Clinton mid-speech to call her "such a nasty woman." However, in recently revisited interview footage from 2008, Trump can be heard praising Clinton, making comments that strongly contradict his insulting descriptions of her throughout the course of this election [...]

Tech giants outspend banks in US lobbying

It won't shock you to hear that tech companies are trying to cozy up to politicians, but they may have more influence than you think. Bloomberg has determined that the five largest tech firms in the US (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft)... [...]
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