UK general election battle begins as parliament is dissolved

LONDON — It might feel as though we've been in the general election campaign for months already, but from Monday it all moves up a gear as campaigning formally begins See also: All the key UK general election dates you need to know Parliament dissolved at midnight under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, meaning all 650 MPs now go back to being members of the public, with those seeking to be re-elected campaigning for the next five weeks ahead of the May 7 election when the country will head to the polls Later on Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron will go to Buckingham Palace where he will meet with the Queen. It's expected that he'll issue a statement outside Downing Street after that Read more... More about Uk , Politics , Us World , and Uk Election [...]

The mysterious Moscow ‘hit list’ shadowing Russian politics

MOSCOW — In the days and weeks after Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was murdered, rumors of a 'hit list' began echoing throughout Moscow See also: Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov's life in pictures Roses rest next to an image of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov at the spot where he was shot to death in Moscow on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015. Image: Evgeny Feldman, Mashable The targets reportedly include journalist and television celebrity Xenia Sobchak, the self-exiled tycoon and opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and Alexei Venediktov, editor-in-chief of Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio station Read more.. [...]

Apple CEO Tim Cook pens op-ed blasting Indiana’s ‘anti-gay’ law

Apple CEO Tim Cook was at the forefront of the recent online protest against Indiana's new law permitting businesses to discriminate against LGBT consumers Now the tech leader has expanded on his thoughts, first previewed on Twitter on Friday, in a full op-ed in The Washington Post See also: Angie's List freezes $40 million Indiana expansion, citing anti-gay law "There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country," wrote Cook in the Sunday edition of the paper. "[T]he bill enacted in Indiana last week that drew a national outcry and one passed in Arkansas, [says] individuals can cite their personal religious beliefs to refuse service to a customer or resist a state nondiscrimination law." Read more... More about Apple , Lgbt , Gay Rights , Tim Cook , and Us World [...]

International officials call for release of jailed women’s rights activists in China

China's reputation as a global juggernaut, fueled by booming business over the last few decades, continues to be marred by its poor human-rights record. The latest example is the plight of five women's rights activists who are currently jailed for holding peaceful public protests International leaders have publicly called for the release of Wu Rongrong, Wei Tingting, Wang Man, Zheng Churan and Li Tingting, who are all imprisoned under China's Article 293 law, which punishes anyone who "undermines public order" with "provocative and disturbing behaviors." See also: Latest Hong Kong protests put focus on cultural tensions with China Read more... More about China , Beijing , Womens Rights , Activists , and Protesters [...]

Nigerians decide their country’s future in hotly contested presidential election

Nigerians across the country hit the polls on Saturday, casting votes in a hotly contested presidential election between two candidates with opposing backgrounds President Goodluck Jonathan is running for reelection. He is a Christian with supporters in the mainly Christian south, and has been blasted for what critics have called a slow response to radical militants in Nigeria's northeast. Jonathan's main opponent is Gen [...]

Senator Ted Cruz announces his 2016 run for president

The 2016 presidential campaign season has officially begun as Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy on Monday. A Republican Senator from Texas, Cruz, 44, used Twitter as the platform to announce his run, just the latest indication that the short messaging platform has become the center of gravity for real-time announcements for celebrities and politicians alike. [...]

Latest Hong Kong protests put focus on cultural tensions with China

HONG KONG — Fresh crowds of protesters have filled Hong Kong's streets in recent days, but if you think this latest uproar is about democracy, free elections and yellow umbrellas, think again. The most recent protests, which took place in various parts of northern Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon, have had very little to do with the colorful and lively “umbrella movement” that took Hong Kong by storm last year. See also: Hong Kong protests are over: A look at 75 days of dissent For a start, Sunday's protests, and several others in recent weeks, have been far smaller — only a few hundred people at most have attended. [...]

Documentary highlighting China’s smog crisis censored on mainland websites

The Chinese government's apparent distaste for a popular new documentary that spotlights China's air quality woes has resulted in the film's removal from major mainland video websites Despite initial praise from the country's environment minister and coverage in state-run media, authorities later suppressed the buzz surrounding Under the Dome , which attracted 100 million online views when it debuted last weekend, according to multiple reports On Monday, China's propaganda officials reportedly asked news publications to stop covering the film. [...]
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