Why do people have different laughs?

Laughter may be contagious, but sometimes it sounds like we all have different strains. Think of those famous, trademark laughs — Fran Drescher's nasally titter, Eddie Murphy's breathless guffaw, Nick Offerman's unexpected giggle. Now, think of your own. [...]

Huffington, Sandberg say Sleep Your Way to Success

One of the most important keys to success, according to both Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington, is getting enough sleep The two women appeared onstage at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco Thursday to discuss the importance of being well-rested, gender equality in corporate America and the need to change the definition of success — the theme of Huffington's latest book, Thrive . During the sold-out event, sponsored by the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, Sandberg and Huffington offered insights into what it means to be successful, and why people need to spend more time relaxing. See also: Sheryl Sandberg Teams Up With Beyonce to Ban 'Bossy' Read more.. [...]

The Most Certain Ways to Battle Uncertainty

You might be all too familiar with the feeling of uncertainty. As traditional, linear career paths become a thing of the past, and structured, hierarchical organizations give way to flat and collaborative workplaces, there’s more and more responsibility on you to chart your own course. Especially when these situations have a lot of unknowns and their consequences are unpredictable, uncertainty looms larger than ever. [...]
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