A whole state in India is giving all college students free internet access

Indian state governments are joining technology giants and central government in pushing internet connectivity to more people.  The latest instance of this comes from the eastern Indian state of Bihar, where the government has announced free Wi-Fi access to college and university students.  SEE ALSO: Fumed Indians continue to troll NYT over 2-year-old cartoon mocking their space agency The chief minister of the state, Nitish Kumar urged the students to make good use of the free internet. "The objective is to provide free Wi-Fi facility to help youths to move ahead in life and to become digital smart," he told Hindustan Times . Read more... [...]

Finally, good casting news: John Cho to join ‘Difficult People’ as recurring love interest

Hollywood continues to misstep in its Asian representation (looking at you, Ghost in the Shell ) but Julie Klausner's humble Hulu comedy Difficult People gets things right and announced today it will add John Cho as Billy's Eichner's boyfriend. SEE ALSO: 'Iron Fist' comics creator 'furious' over cultural appropriation complaints Everybody please welcome JOHN CHO to DIFFICULT PEOPLE! SEASON 3 on the way! — billy eichner (@billyeichner) March 22, 2017 In a release, Hulu described Cho's character Todd as an advertising executive who is "as much of a dick as Billy and Julie (Julie Klausner)." They meet in an escalating prank war and start dating, which will undoubtedly impact Billy and Julie's close friendship. Read more... [...]

Grab goes where no Uber has gone before—Myanmar

Southeast Asian ride-hailing powerhouse Grab is now launching in a country where no Uber has driven yet — Myanmar. Grab, which has expanded rapidly since its launch in Malaysia in 2012 — is now in 35 cities across Southeast Asia. SEE ALSO: Bike-sharing companies are flooding the market, but this one insists its bikes are smartest Myanmar marks the first new market for the company since its launch in Indonesia in 2014.  The company has launched a trial of its ride-hailing service in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest city, and it is working with a "small group" of taxi drivers. [...]

Walking with Neil Gaiman is the best thing you can do in the winter

It's quite a godly year for Neil Gaiman, bard of myth, nerd hearthrob and the lucky bastard who got to marry Amanda Palmer .  The appropriately outlandish TV version of Gaiman's bestseller American Gods premieres on Starz at the end of next month — while his Norse Mythology has been in the top echelons of the New York Times bestseller list since it came out five weeks ago. Both star Odin the All-Father, played in the show by Ian McShane [...]
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