Nike uses Twitter to promote women’s sports in the Middle East

The recent debate over Under Armour and its CEO's apparent support for President Trump pushed the politics of the leading sports apparel brands into the spotlight. In contrast to Under Armour 's recent political controversy, Nike has long enjoyed a mostly positive profile when it comes to its position on inclusion and being generally progressive.  SEE ALSO: Nike shows it's no Under Armour with LeBron ad that slams discrimination Yes, the company is trying to sell shoes, but staking out positions on touchy subjects is noteworthy, and not without risks. The latest example is a new Nike video posted on the company's Middle East Twitter feed, which doubles down on its commitment to women achieving excellence and building leadership through sports.  Read more.. [...]

Dystopian Fun! U.S. agency maps ‘Hunger Games’ districts against real states

If you thought the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was boring, just look at how pop culturally relevant they've become with their latest blog post .  Although the latest Hunger Games movie came out months ago , the Bureau took its own data on employment (based on industries, occupation, employment numbers and geography) to figure out the eternal question of how the dystopian future country of Panem from the book and film series lines up with the real U.S. geography. [...]

The ridiculous baby monitor that makes parenting even scarier than it already is

Being a new parent is exhausting, but what if I told you there was a new device that could make it even more complicated and stressful... Wait, what? Meet the Raybaby , the first ever “non-contact sleep and breathing tracker.” Basically it’s a baby monitor that also measures a child’s vitals, breathing rates and sleeping habits and then feeds all that information into an app through which you can obsess about your precious offspring's every twitch. [...]

Warriors learn once again that being the best team means the memes are coming

The Golden State Warriors are good at many things — like winning lots of basketball games and selling jerseys. Photoshoots, however, is not one of them.  It's the NBA 's All-Star Weekend, which annually warrants a bizarre, pseudo-magazine spread to celebrate the NBA all-stars. Just as the internet chuckled at the Warriors' photos last April, the trusty ol' Twittersphere is picking on these guys once again [...]
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