These teeny tiny tiger cubs will make your heart swell with untamed joy

LONDON — If ever you want to experience 30 seconds of fleeting, heart-melting joy, just watch a high-definition video of two friendly tiger cubs playing with each other. The clip above, which was filmed at ZSL London Zoo, shows two four-week-old Sumatran tiger clubs snuggling up to each other on the grass. SEE ALSO: Orangutan dad doesn't realize his three children are tigers The footage of the endangered cubs was shared to coincide with International Tiger Day , which aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by tigers in the wild. [...]

Man hilariously responds to stranger’s totally legit $9 million inheritance offer

A man you'd never met offers you a $9 million inheritance in exchange for a reasonable $900 wire transfer, your SSN number and banking information, you know, just all the things you'd send via email to a stranger.  In the Season two premiere of Scamalot , comedian James Veitch investigates an email scammer who makes him such an offer. From the comfort of his bathtub, Veitch not only negotiates this outrageous inheritance, but also attempts to solve a bit of a murder-mystery. For two years, Veitch continued to engage with the slickest of scammers and the result was some hilarious verbal jousting Mashable 's original series Scamalot continues to bring some of these conversations to life in the second season of the series [...]

This matchmaking app aims to connect people with disabilities in India

Anu Multani and her parents had been looking for a suitable boy for several years, looking up several matchmaking websites without success. In January, Multani, a rifle shooter and a model, unexpectedly encountered someone she liked online.  She already knew 32-year-old Imran Garana, but connecting on the app and the knowledge that the other person was also looking for a partner, gave them both the confidence to talk about taking their relationship to the next level [...]

Macao’s adorable baby panda twins finally make their debut

Be prepared to lose your cool. Macao's panda twins, Dabao and Xiaobao, made their public debut on Tuesday, and we can hardly handle the cuteness. SEE ALSO: Panda gives birth to the tiniest little gem and we're in awe Their caretakers at the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion celebrated the twins' one-month birthday with mini cakes and even sang them a birthday song [...]

YouTubers are editing a ‘brutal cut’ into their videos for an important reason

LONDON — YouTubers and bloggers are "disrupting" their videos and photos on social media as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the threat of female genital mutilation (FGM).  SEE ALSO: 7 sexual health issues facing teen girls globally — and how you can help UK international development charity ActionAid launched the campaign on Thursday with the intention of "disrupting the internet" ahead of FGM "cutting season" in Kenya, which typically coincides with the start of the school summer break at the beginning of August.  The charity's "Brutal Cut" campaign aims to alert people to the short- and long-term dangers of FGM and raise money to provide safe centres for girls escaping FGM in Kenya. Read more... More about Womens Rights , Social Good , Womens Health , Health , and World [...]

President Obama rips into Trump: ‘The Donald is not a facts guy’

Joe Biden and Tim Kaine didn't hold back on Trump during their speeches at the Democratic convention Wednesday night, but it turned out they were just the opening acts for Obama's full-blown takedown of The Donald. SEE ALSO: Joe Biden unleashes a glorious trademark burn at Democratic convention During the first half of his speech, which closed proceedings on the third night in Philadelphia, Obama landed several blows squarely on the Republican nominee. While his words were peppered with oblique references to Trump, from quips about the birth certificate malarkey to lines like "demagogues will always fail in the end," it was when he invoked the candidate by name that he did his most damage. [...]

Australian man wins a tropical island in an online raffle

For the budget price of AU$49 an Australian man has won himself a tropical bloody island. More specifically a tropical resort on the Micronesian island of Kosrae, aa place so perfectly remote and teensy that it barely registers on a world map. SEE ALSO: For the right price, you could own an island on the Great Barrier Reef Australian couple Doug and Sally Beitz decided to take an unconventional route when it came to selling off their island paradise. [...]
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