Police release Keith Scott videos, leaving more questions than answers

Two videos released Saturday by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department fail to provide a full picture of just what happened during its officers' fatal encounter with Keith Lamont Scott. Police shot and killed Scott, a 43-year-old African American man, on Tuesday, precipitating days of protests across Charlotte. SEE ALSO: Fire, rage and calm: 15 powerful photos show the tension in Charlotte The first video, shot from an officer's body camera, does not appear to show the moment of the shooting. [...]

3 big reasons you never get anything worthwhile out of meetings

Call it a product of busy schedules, increased tech connectivity, or fried attention spans, but for whatever reason, when you gather a group together for a meeting, almost everyone has a hard time ditching distractions and sticking to the task at hand. In fact, 47% of employees cite distracted co-workers as the biggest hurdle to having productive meetings . If you take your job seriously, you’re probably already doing your best to demonstrate engagement: actively listening, chiming in when appropriate, and keeping your phone off the table. [...]

17 cats that are definitely plotting your death

You may think they're cute and cuddly, but deep down, cats are purely evil geniuses.  While a recent study states that cuddling cats could increase the risk of cat-scratch disease, landing you in the hospital or even resulting in death, cats have actually been plotting your death for a very long time.  SEE ALSO: Can you find the cats hiding in this Latvian mayor's office? They may be adorable, but don't trust these little terrors. [...]

When an online relationship with a stranger is unhealthy

The internet can be a thrilling place, full of opportunities to discover something — or someone — new.  Adolescents and teens know this feeling well, but may be more vulnerable to exploitation than any other online user. Amid the fun of exploring the digital world, there is the small risk of developing emotionally and psychologically damaging relationships with strangers.  SEE ALSO: How to avoid becoming the bully you hate on social media That became clear earlier this week when the Daily Mail published an account of an anonymous 15-year-old who had an explicit online relationship with former New York congressman Anthony Weiner .  Read more... [...]

Terrible partier tried to attack Justin Bieber in a German nightclub

It's not easy being Bieber. America's pop prince Justin Bieber was doing a little harmless partying at a German club on Friday when a random club-goer decided to ruin his night.  SEE ALSO: The true tragedy of Justin Bieber's deleted Instagram is how cute his new dog is Per TMZ , while weaving through a crowd at a club in Munich, Bieber and his crew of handlers were forced to push away an unrelenting fan who tried to lunge at the musician.  Can the Biebs live?  BONUS: Doug the Pug recreates Justin Bieber's best Instagram photos Read more... [...]

Bad news, Shutterfly: Amazon is moving into photo printing

Amazon is moving into another sector: photo printing.  The e-commerce giant this week debuted a new service called Amazon Prints that allows customers to print their digital photos and order souvenirs like photo books, stationery and calendars.  The new Amazon Prints. Image: screenshot/amazon So far, that market has been dominated by companies like Shutterfly, which has offered similar options since its founding in 1999. [...]

Can GoPro win over normals with its new cameras and drone?

GoPro kicked off the week with a huge event in Squaw Valley, Calif., to announces its new Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Black action cameras , and its Karma drone , and they all look suh-weet. On this week's MashTalk , Mashable Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff, Deputy Tech Editor Damon Beres and I chat about the new GoPro toys, the Yahoo accounts breach and the arrival of macOS Sierra. SEE ALSO: Hands-on with GoPro's new voice-controlled Hero 5 action cameras On the day of recording, Yahoo confirmed 500 million user accounts were stolen [...]

The Weeknd and Daft Punk join forces for new track, ‘Starboy’

LONDON — Deep breath, Daft Punk fans — on Thursday morning, The Weeknd released the first track from his upcoming LP, "Starboy", and it features none other than the electronic duo themselves. SEE ALSO: The Weeknd cuts off all his hair and announces a new album, 'Starboy' The Weeknd tweeted a link to the new track — which you can listen to on Spotify and Apple Music — along with the cover art he shared on Instagram yesterday . [...]
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