lifestyle’s shadiness is exactly why people don’t trust tech companies

When The New York Times reported the popular inbox-cleaning app was providing anonymized user data to Uber as part of the ride-hailing company's bid to crush competition from Lyft, the backlash was swift. Outraged users took to Twitter, bashing the company and pledging to delete the service. CEO Jojo Hedaya quickly apologized, but it did little to quell the outrage. [...]

These plant ‘Twins’ are named after Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Okay, so 1988's Twins mightn't be the most critically acclaimed film of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Danny Devito's career. Still, it's inspired an Australian scientist to name a genus of Australian pea flowers, Daviesia schwarzenegger and devito, after the two actors in the film.  SEE ALSO: "The Governator" Gets Animated If you haven't seen the movie (and fair enough), Schwarzenegger and Devito discover they're twins — a result of an embryo splitting during a science experiment to create the perfect child. However, the strength and intellect went to Schwarzenegger, while Devito was left with, well, the dregs. [...]

Mark Zuckerberg, man of the people, visits assembly line and discovers it’s ‘hard’

Mark Zuckerberg, who is totally not running for president , continues to do things a politician would do by visiting an assembly plant and commenting at how hard physical labor can be. SEE ALSO: Tech CEOs are looking more and more like politicians The Zuck swung by the Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan, just outside Detroit, and tried his hand at assembling an F-150, "adding antennas, cleats and drilling screws."  He also signed the inspection sticker so, future F-150 owner, when your antenna flies off while you're traveling down the interstate, you know who to blame.  Here are some Undercover Boss -esque reflections from The Hoodied One about what it's like to work that assembly line. [...]

The best one-liners in ‘Star Fox 64,’ which is 20 years old today

Well, Cornerians, it’s Star Fox 64 ’s 20th Anniversary.  Somehow we’ve made it this far with our literal fox-faced friend, through dinosaur planets , clunky third-person shooters, the Wii U one , and a pretty good couple of handheld games (one was more or less a port of SF64 ). But this day isn’t about those games. It’s about Star Fox 64 , and it’s about Star Fox 64 ’s amazing dialogue and voice over [...]

Mating kangaroos are literally blocking traffic in Australia

The internet has grown to understand the crude reality of kangaroos mating, in the hardest possible way.  SEE ALSO: Kangaroos Invade Australian Golf Course Remember when everyone thought this image showed the heartbreak of a roo losing a loved one and instead it was revealed to be an act of necrophilia?  Compared to that trauma, the sight that Melbourne commuters had to behold this morning is nothing. [...]

Intimate stories and live actors show just how beautiful VR can be

Hollywood is doing its best to figure out virtual reality , often with less than compelling results.   But a small group of VR producers at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival have successfully innovated their way through experimental territory that big studios have not yet dared to tread, using physical objects and even live actors in their experiences. [...]

Judge praises drug dealer’s business model, although obviously quite illegal

We often like to cast criminals as dumb, but one illegal operation has really impressed a judge. 20-year-old Brodie Gary Satterley from Maroochydore, Australia, was sentenced to three years' jail with immediate parole, and was also praised for his business skills in court, according to Sunshine Coast Daily .  SEE ALSO: Chinese 'Breaking Bad' professor cooked 425 lbs of methylone after realising there was heavy demand Brisbane Supreme Court heard Satterley — who was 18 when he engaged in low-level drug dealing — charged interest on debts, gave price guides on product, discounts, and refunds when there were complaints.  Read more... More about Judge , Business , Crime , Drugs , and Watercooler [...]
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