William Shatner explains absence from Leonard Nimoy’s funeral

Although Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner remained close friends following the end of Star Trek , Shatner is getting flack for his inability to attend Nimoy's funeral on Sunday in Los Angeles. Shatner took to Twitter to explain his absence, saying that he was fulfilling a commitment to attend a Red Cross Ball in Florida, and that his daughters would attend the ceremony in his place. He starred as James T. [...]

HTC goes back to basics with its new flagship, the HTC One M9

As a smartphone maker, HTC made a name for itself in recent years by focusing on everyday phone features, especially the camera. It stopped playing the megapixel game, opting to offer high-quality "ultrapixels" instead of big numbers, and was the only major manufacturer to include a depth sensor, which enabled photographic trickery such as altering focus after a shot was taken. Well, you can forget about all that in the new HTC One M9 [...]

These Buddhist warrior monks excel at Kung Fu

In China, it is said that “all martial arts under heaven arose out of Shaolin.” Shaolin Kung Fu is believed to be the oldest institutionalized style of Kung Fu and is one of the most famous martial arts, according to Getty. It was created in the Buddhist Shaolin temple in the Songshan mountain in China and has developed over the last 1500 years. [...]

Leaked video shows Huawei smartwatch in action

With only one day left before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, footage of Huawei's new smartwatch has been discovered online The two videos, spotted by Droidlife , but not yet officially released, are high production value spots that show off both the design of the Huawei Watch as well as its software functionality, the latter accompanied by an onscreen message stating that the demo is "created by visual effect." See also: Tim Cook on privacy and the Apple Watch retail experience Despite the software demonstration caveat, the promotional spot is impressive. Featuring a rugged outdoorsman traveling through the snowcapped mountains of Chamrousse, France, we see the Huawei Watch being used to check the wearer's heart rate, the current outdoor temperature and to vocally interact with Google Now Read more.. [...]
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