Anger over law enforcement, media response to militants in Oregon

Law enforcement and media response to a militant takeover of a federal building in Burns, Oregon has angered some who hoped for a harsher response and tone Though the FBI, the Harney County Sheriff's Office and the Oregon State Police are all aware of the takeover, they have not detailed a plan to remove the militants from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters, which is in a remote area about 30 miles southeast of Burns See also: Militia group led by Bundy brothers seizes federal building after protest Law enforcement was not in the area early on Saturday, according to reporters I haven't seen a single law enforcement vehicle out here #bundyMilitia #burnsoregon — Amanda Peacher (@amandapeacher) January 3, 2016 Read more... More about Media , Oregon , Law Enforcement , Police , and Fbi [...]

These are the armed militants occupying a federal building in Oregon

Armed militants took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Burns, Oregon on Saturday after a protest in defense of two ranchers about to be jailed for arson The protest featured singing and flower-planting, but a group of what journalists say is about 15 people broke off from a larger group of about 300 to take over the building, which was unoccupied due to the holiday weekend. See also: Militia group led by Bundy brothers seizes federal building after protest So who are these guys? Who are the militants? [...]

10 movies turning 10 in 2016

As 2016 rounds the corner, each and every one of us can take some time to evaluate what we were doing 10 years ago. Hopefully, the answer is watching Happy Feet . As these movies hover on the cusp of their 10-year anniversary, allow each and every one of them take you back to their releases that had everyone say, "let's all go the movies — as in, actually a theater." See also: 20 songs celebrating their 10th birthdays in 2016 From Andy's heinous cerulean sweater, to Cal and Bobby's "Shake 'n Bake" fist bump, to that time when Olive Hoover absolutely destroyed Grandpa's choreography for "Superfreak," many good times were to be watched back in the '00s. [...]

Australia is obsessed with this cricket fan who devoured an entire watermelon

The latest cult hero in Australia showed that country the meaning of determination when he devoured nearly an entire watermelon, skin and all, while watching a cricket game at a Melbourne stadium Dubbed "Watermelon boy" by his fans, Mitchell Shibecki skyrocketed to Internet stardom after he was caught on the big screen at Saturday's Women's Big Bash cricket match eating a whole watermelon. See also: 15 people made famous by the Internet in 2015 #WatermelonBoy spotted at #WBBL01 ! — TEN Sport (@tensporttv) January 2, 2016 "I've never seen that before in my life," an announcer for TEN Sports said before the boy shook the fruit heartily at the camera when he realized all eyes were on him Read more... [...]

Australia’s Robotronica spectacular: Drones, humanoids and agbots

Shimon, a robotic marimba player, jams with his band, Shimon Robot & Friends. Image: QUT Media On Sunday, big and small robots took over the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia for Robotronica, in a celebration of futurism and technology The event featured everything from a robot playing Connect Four against kids determined to thrash it, to speakers like Ian Bernstein, the founder of high-tech toy company Sphero, who designed a new droid for the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens . There was even a performance by a robotic marimba player [...]

In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premiere, family drama doesn’t stop for zombies

Fear The Walking Dead might be a show dead-set on setting itself apart from its predecessor, but the opening minutes of this new companion series are actually a pretty nice homage to its mothership With a twist. Instead of Rick Grimes, a dedicated officer of the law, the first scene of the series introduces the audience to Nick, a drug addict who is awaking not from a wound-induced coma but a horrible drug bender See also: 'Fear the Walking Dead' takes characters through Zombie 101 At first, Nick is largely unaware that anything is wrong [...]

These newlyweds met on an app for sports fans

Even in the age of infinite dating apps, people are still finding love in surprising places MacKenzie Walker and Joey Mitchell didn't meet on Tinder, Match or the plethora of dating apps and services available. They met on Fancred , a social app designed to connect sports fans See also: Bill Murray Crashed an Engagement Photo Shoot Because He's Bill Murray As you might expect, the romantic connection came out of left field for both parties. "We never thought Fancred would be a place to meet each other," Walker said in an email to Mashable [...]
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