Sundance review: ‘Ingrid Goes West’ is the Instagram horrorshow you fear most

PARK CITY, Utah — We've all been there: The 7th Circle of Instagram Jealousy Hell. Maybe not the demonic depths to which Aubrey Plaza's character goes in Ingrid Goes West — or with the same monstrous consequences — but its flames have licked at anyone who's ever posted, liked, commented or cyber-stalked on Insta.  Lookin' at you, everyone with an account, ever. As pervasive in our daily lives as social media-envy may be, movies ( Men, Women & Children, Nerve ) and TV shows ( Black Mirror ) have only begun to reckon with it — and nothing's dredged up a more heinous, yet fully realized and relatable evil than Ingrid , the most blinding light yet shone into the ugly corners of human nature on social media.  Read more... [...]

Trump extended family member spotted at Women’s March on Washington

The Women's March on Washington has already made history as perhaps the biggest post-inauguration protest march in D.C. in history.  But while the Trump family is apparently staying far away from the massive protest, at least one member of the extended family was reportedly spotted in the middle of the action.  SEE ALSO: All the best protest signs from Women's Marches across America Venture capitalist Joshua Kushner, the brother of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was spotted in D.C. amid thousands of marchers, many of whom may have been unaware of who was in their midst.  Among the men at the #WomensMarch : Joshua Kushner, brother of White House senior adviser Jared. [...]

Sundance hacked! Cyberattack shuts down box office in Park City

PARK CITY, Utah — A cyberattack briefly crippled the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, knocking out the network that supports its ticket sales, though service at the main box office was quickly restored and no screenings were affected. The festival issued a statement in the afternoon, just as the ski resort town had concluded its own version of the Women's March on the bustling Main Street. SEE ALSO: The 'most anticipated' Sundance movies top bloggers can't wait to see Festival organizers sent the following statement to Mashable : It wasn't immediately clear who carried out the attack or whether the festival was specifically targeted. [...]

The Force is strong with women marching to protest Trump

While parts of Friday's Presidential Inauguration seemed like they came straight out of a movie (like the political regime shift portrayed in the third Star Wars prequel, Revenge of the Sith), today's marches in protest of now-President Donald Trump have reminded many of a different (and way better) entry in the Star Wars saga: Episode IV: A New Hope . [...]

Watch the Women’s March on Washington streamed in 360 degrees on Facebook

The Women's March on Washington is already proving to be a historic event, with the massive number of marchers from around the country far outpacing the attendance of Friday's inauguration event in Washington, D.C.  SEE ALSO: Virtual march helps people with disabilities join the Women's March on Washington And while there are still thousands of women (and men) streaming into the nation's capital, there are many who for various reasons weren't able to attend and are offering support from afar.  For those supporters, the next best thing to a local city march may be a series of 360-degree immersive videos being produced by RYOT from the site of the march.  Read more... More about Women S March On Washington , 360 Video , Ryot , Facebook , and Tech [...]
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