Legendary Australian beer Victoria Bitter to be sold in ’50s heritage cans

Like a big cold beer with a side of the 1950s? Well now you can, with the classic Australian beer Victoria Bitter (VB) to be sold in heritage cans, honouring the first canned VB launched back in 1958. SEE ALSO: The incredibly beautiful and wild power of waves in photographs The replica can is designed to look like the original steel can, yet it is made of aluminium and has a modern ring pull.  The original steel can was introduced to help keep the beer cool, and was  bigger and harder to open than modern day cans.  The retro can [...]

Share your UK election day selfie with Snapchat filters

LONDON — Snapchat has made it easier to share those election day selfies in the UK with three filters among the usual location, temperature and time stamps.  "I voted," "England — Happy Voting! Poll Times: 7AM - 10PM," and "It's Election Day" appeared as options when we checked in north and central London on Thursday morning. SEE ALSO: Jeremy Corbyn really slays that election day thumbs up photo op People are voting in regional assembly and parliament elections in the biggest test of public opinion ahead of the 2020 general elections [...]

George Clooney and Julia Roberts crashed Gwen Stefani’s Carpool Karaoke with awesome results

It's going to be ridiculously hard for Carpool Karaoke to top itself after this week's installment with Gwen Stefani.  Not only did James Corden have the "Hollaback Girl" singer riding shot gun, but the segment also saw two surprise guests: George Freaking Clooney and Julia Roberts.  SEE ALSO: Leonardo DiCaprio's text to J-Lo is the highlight of James Corden's latest Carpool Karaoke The pair were there to promote their movie Money Monster , but more than that, Corden got them all to sing Queen's "We Are the Champions" and never has the song applied to a single car of people more.  Sorry, Leo, this tops your text to JLo. [...]
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