Trailer for ‘Astro Boy’ reboot reveals retro version of Japan’s robot icon

Japan's patron saint of robots, Astro Boy , is getting another reboot, and the production company behind the new film gave the world its first peek on Saturday Astro Boy Reboot , first announced last summer , by Japan’s Tezuka Productions, France’s Caribara Animation and Monaco's Shibuya Productions, looks like a return to the simple illustration style featured in the original manga comic launched in the '50s Back in 2009, a CG-animated version of the cartoon was released with a star-studded voice cast, but the box office results were relatively lukewarm. This new, slightly retro version of Astro Boy, could be what animation purists familiar with the character have been hoping for after so many years. [...]

Stunning photos of the rare ‘supertide’ in Europe

Thanks to a rare alignment between the sun, Earth and moon, and the moon's close proximity to Earth, the tides on Saturday off the coast of northern France and southwestern England were the highest they've reportedly been since 1997 . Known as a "supertide" or "tide of the century," the phenomenon caused surges of up to 46 feet high. Despite its name, the "tide of the century" takes place every 18 years or so. [...]

Watch Jack White and Robert Plant perform Led Zeppelin’s ‘The Lemon Song’ live

Jack White and Robert Plant performing together is like a rock-fan fever dream But the dream became reality at music festival Lollapalooza Argentina on Saturday. While performing a cover of the Led Zeppelin track "The Lemon Song," which White has done many times on tour and at last year's Bonnaroo , Plant himself stepped out on stage See also: Ariana Grande channels her inner '90s diva with spot-on Celine Dion impression Recorded back in 1969 for the album Led Zeppelin II , the rollicking bluesy number is still a crowd-pleaser [...]

#MuseumWeek is coming to a cultural institution near you

Monday marks the beginning of #MuseumWeek, when Twitter is encouraging cultural institutions worldwide, as well as the people who love them, to share on the social platform. Each day has a theme and an accompanying hashtag . See also: 26 weird museums to visit for the ultimate American road trip Last year, 630 museums and galleries across Europe participated in #MuseumWeek, according to Kirstine Stewart, Twitter's vice-president of North America Media [...]

University makes bold statement about diversity, just not the one it wanted

The University of North Georgia offered some biting parody of equal opportunity in America, albeit unwittingly, with a stock image that graced the cover of its Spring 2015 course catalogue In the picture, two white men, who are for some reason wearing full suits, joyfully burst across the finish line of a race as a women in heels lags far behind and a more casually dressed black man struggles to even reach the end. [...]

Why robots may soon replace fast-food employees

Imagine if the assembly line at your local McDonald's was as automated as the ones that make cars in Detroit Farfetched? A new report from financial services firm Cornerstone Capital Group makes a solid case that humans behind the counter may be going the way of the McD.L.T . [...]
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