The phones of 2017 will be all about VR

If you've tried virtual reality, whether or not it blew your mind probably depends on how you experienced it: whether it was with a high-end headset like the Oculus Rift or one that used a smartphone like the Samsung Gear VR . While today's flagship phones can provide a decent VR experience, they have shortcomings [...]

Conan and his hair are as lively as ever in retro ‘Late Night’ photos

Remember when Conan O'Brien hosted Late Night ? The current  Conan  host took the helm from David Letterman in 1993, manning the Late Night  desk for 16 years. SEE ALSO: Early 1900s color photos look like literal dreams Among his first-season guests were Mary Tyler Moore, Drew Barrymore, Chris Farley and Carrie Fisher, with musical performances by Radiohead, Mazzy Star and the Cranberries, among others. [...]

18 things T-rex have knocked off their bucket list since returning from extinction

Even with teeny hands, the prehistoric rabble-rousing T-rex has been able to dip its hands into a whole lot of hijinks recently. Being cooped up since the Mesozoic Era will take its toll on anyone, so naturally, the T-rex have been getting about 70 million years of FOMO out of their system See also: The T-Rex suit is 2016's horse mask Subreddit r/trexgonewild is responsible for documenting their many activities, a majority of which are done by Ralph the Rex . [...]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the ’90s was just as adorable as she is today

Just like diamonds, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is forever. Before the Emmy winner and queen of our hearts was making us laugh and cry as the leader of the free world on  Veep , Louis-Dreyfus was the ultra-relatable and incomparable Elaine Benes on Seinfeld . SEE ALSO: Further proof Julia Louis-Dreyfus would be a delightful party guest Even as a young actress in the '90s, she knew how to command a room with her comedic talent.  And the fact that she did it with a great head of hair is all the more impressive [...]

Lightning strikes hit kid’s birthday party and soccer match in Europe

PARIS — Eight children and three adults were struck by lightning Saturday in a Paris park after a sudden spring storm sent a bolt crashing down upon a children's birthday party, a spokesman for Paris' fire service said. He credited an off-duty firefighter with playing a critical role in getting immediate medical help to the victims, but one child remains in critical condition. Another group of people at a children's soccer match in western Germany were also hit by lightning Saturday afternoon, leaving three adults seriously injured [...]
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