Lady Gaga makes surprise appearance during Tame Impala performance

Leave it to Mother Monster to make an entrance (or exit). Just as Australian band Tame Impala were rounding up their performance at Sunday's FYF Festival with their hit song "New Person, Same Old Mistakes", Lady Gaga popped up on stage for a sing-a-long sesh. If you're wondering what's the connection between the two, the band's lead singer Kevin Parker is one of the producers to her new song  "Perfect Illusion." We're sure it was a perfect end to the night (and no illusion) for fans who got to witness Gaga and Tame Impala perform together [...]

‘The Night Of’ finale: Too good for a second season. Please don’t ruin it, HBO.

LOS ANGELES — As Robeta Flack sang "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" on the hi-fi, the orange tabby cat walked across the wooden floor of Jack Stone's apartment.  And it was perfect The end. At a time when gracefully concluding a popular TV show seems about as easy as landing a rocket on a tiny pad in the middle of the ocean, The Night Of got this one right.  SEE ALSO: 'The Night Of' episode 7 keeps us guessing, though not in a good way It was complex. A little ambiguous, a little bittersweet, a lot satisfying. [...]

Laurie Hernandez is all of us when she hugs Beyoncé at VMAs

Laurie Hernandez has a gold medal, a silver medal and a hug from Beyoncé.   The Final Five (save a sick Gabby Douglas) presented Beyoncé with a Moonman for Best Female Video at the VMAs and Queen B embraced each of the gymnasts before addressing the audience.  After Hernandez recovered from her moment in Bey's sequined squeeze, she reacted like, well, anyone who's ever been in the presence of (or dreamt of being in the presence of) Beyoncé.  SEE ALSO: New BFFs Simone Biles and Kim Kardashian snapped a selfie at the VMAs Hernandez also took a selfie with Kanye West. [...]

Carlos Beltran made a very interesting hair choice

Apparently the Texas Rangers' Carlos Beltran is taking hair advice from another Carlos in sports — retired NBA player Carlos Boozer — and sporting a fresh shoe polish look on top of his dome.  SEE ALSO: Katie Ledecky asked Bryce Harper to babysit her medals while she threw first pitch Carlos Boozer sported the look back in 2012 while playing for the Chicago Bulls, mystifying fans as to what he was doing to his head. It took nearly three years but Boozer finally owned up in 2015 that it was a kind of hair dye meant to help cover up bald spots.  The main problem for Beltran, though, is that it whatever it is he used on his head today, be it hair dye or Sharpie, he didn't do the best job covering his sides.  Read more... More about Carlos Beltran , Carlos Boozer , Mlb , Entertainment , and Sports [...]

Dude documents valiant efforts to wake pantless stranger sleeping on porch

If you pass out on a stranger's property, know that you will become the subject of that stranger's Snapchat story.  Take, for example, the guy who documented his morning with a pantless stranger who passed out on his porch couch.  [H/T: Reddit ] Marvel's 'Luke Cage' is tired of buying new clothes What happens when you reply to a scam email from Nelson Mandela’s former wife Abandoned puppy has the most adorable reaction when he spots a human Fake-out snake attack footage will strike fear into your heart Read more... [...]
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