Why a former employee thinks Apple is ‘boring’ under Tim Cook

Being number one isn’t a lot of fun. Just ask Apple, which was just called "boring" by a prominent former employee.  With a market cap of over $639 billion , Apple is the biggest company in the world. It has enviable profits and unit sales (every quarter it manages to sell tens of millions of iPhones, though that number is declining) and is slowly, but smartly, shifting its attention to its highly lucrative services business, which includes the App Store and Apple Pay.  SEE ALSO: Is Apple's App Store a monopoly [...]

Apple once envisioned the iPhone with an iPod click wheel and it was horrible

The iPhone we know and love today could have been very different, and maybe even a total flop, if Steve Jobs had picked a different interface for it. A new video published by Apple leaker Sonny Dickson shows off an early-stage version of "Acorn OS," an iPod-based interface for the iPhone that Apple was working on before deciding to go with the now-ubiquitous icon-based interface. SEE ALSO: The iPhone's remarkable 10-year history, in pictures The story goes like this: Apple had two teams working on what would eventually become iOS (née iPhone OS).  One team, under Tony Fadell, the "father of the iPod" was working on an operating system based on the iPod interface and controlled with a click wheel [...]
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