Global Solution Networks: An Emerging Alternative to Governments?

In Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch works to free bloggers who were arrested on politically motivated charges. Throughout India and Brazil, the nonprofit Medicines for Malaria Venture fights a disease that still kills 500,000 people per year. Far to the north, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute gathers international policymakers and researchers to unknot the tangled ethnic problems tearing at places like […] The post Global Solution Networks: An Emerging Alternative to Governments? [...]

The mystery of Belle Gibson, who claimed she cured cancer with clean living

While thousands of faithful social media followers believed 26-year-old Belle Gibson was bravely battling five different kinds of cancer, the popular health ambassador was abandoning one of the biggest health claims to ever hit the Australian internet Belle, born Annabelle Natalie Gibson in 1991, constructed an online persona in which she added two years to her age and portrayed herself as the proud survivor of blood, spleen, brain, uterus and liver cancers See also: The way the Internet has changed the way we communicate That many cancers may have killed most people, but Gibson's online persona was unbreakable, with a chirpy belief in the power of diet and alternative therapies and a burgeoning lifestyle brand including a cookbook and a top-rated app in Apple's online store. She commanded 193,000 followers on Instagram, where the pretty, bubbly blonde posted selfies and hints of the miracle of clean living Read more... [...]
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