How a Technology-Push Process Led to the Reboot of Google Glass

Google Glass exploded into the tech scene in 2012 with the pomp and circumstance of an Apple product unveiling.  It put “wearable technology” into the lexicon of the masses.  Accolades poured in from both the technology world and the fashion world.  Celebrities, politicians, runway models, even Prince Charles wore them in public.  And yet, as […] The post How a Technology-Push Process Led to the Reboot of Google Glass appeared first on WIRED . [...]

Our favorite athletic moments from around the Internet

Step aside, sports fans: The Internet is here to take over every alley-oop, touchdown, home run and goal in its own special way Remember the paper plane that flew down to the Wembley Stadium in London? Or that Miami football player who faked ignorance of his coach's play, only to score an effortless touchdown? [...]

13-minute music video of Pi is recited in the style of ‘Cherry Pie’

Although it's impossible to fully recite the infinite digits of pi, College Humor tested the limits of our patience with a 13-minute video that celebrates Pi Day in the greatest conceivable way. Titled "The Irrationally Long Number Pi Song," it parodies Warrant's 1990 song "Cherry Pie." But instead of discussing fruit-flavored desserts, the video's song lyrics recite the digits of pi for what begins to feel like an eternity Expectedly, it does not end well [...]
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