Google Mimics Apple With Android Pay

We're another step closer to a world where we can pay for a pastry in our local coffee shop in much the same way we pay for a video online. The post Google Mimics Apple With Android Pay appeared first on WIRED . [...]

Myo armband makes hands-free motion control real

Gesture-controlled computing is well on its way to transitioning from fantasy to reality It's most often accomplished via vision sensors that watch you or your hands and track your movement (think Microsoft Kinect for Xbox ) Myo , however, is a gesture controlled armband that reads forearm muscle movement to interpret a wide range of intentions. See also: Watch People Use Leap Motion's Gesture Controller for the First Time With its matte-black rubber covering, zigzag bands and block-like contact and sensor modules, Myo, which was designed by Thalmic labs, looks less like an interface-control device than one of Batman’s nifty “toys.” (You can get it in white, too, but why would you?) Read more... [...]
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