Share your UK election day selfie with Snapchat filters

LONDON — Snapchat has made it easier to share those election day selfies in the UK with three filters among the usual location, temperature and time stamps.  "I voted," "England — Happy Voting! Poll Times: 7AM - 10PM," and "It's Election Day" appeared as options when we checked in north and central London on Thursday morning. SEE ALSO: Jeremy Corbyn really slays that election day thumbs up photo op People are voting in regional assembly and parliament elections in the biggest test of public opinion ahead of the 2020 general elections [...]

Clinton lets GOP throw the blows in first attack ad against Trump

With Donald Trump emerging as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Democrat leaders are beginning to launch attacks on the real estate mogul as the 2016 campaign shifts into general election mode. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee and people are freaking out With Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the race, Trump is the only GOP candidate left standing and Republican leadership is putting their weight behind him now, like it or not. So on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, launched an ad aimed directly at Trump, her first major salvo in the general election campaign [...]

Anne Frank’s story to be told in VR

You can already tour Anne Frank's hideaway in virtual reality if you can't make it to Amsterdam, but producer Jonah Hirsch is taking that one step further. He's creating a VR experience, Anne, that will tell the Holocaust symbol's tale in 360 degrees... [...]
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