Transparent bracelets honor 220 journalists imprisoned around the world

Ethiopian schoolteacher and journalist Reeyot Alemu was teaching English to her high-school class when police raided the building and arrested her in 2011 Alemu, a vocal critic of the Ethiopian government, was charged with terrorism. The only evidence presented at her trial were critical articles she had written and phone calls she had made discussing peaceful protests Alemu has been in prison for 1,376 days Last year, 220 journalists across the globe were imprisoned for attempting to cover the news. To raise awareness and funds for the unfairly jailed men and women, journalism students at the University of Maryland have spearheaded an Indiegogo campaign called Press Uncuffed [...]

Yemen’s president calls on rebels to surrender and turn themselves in

Yemeni President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi demanded on Saturday that Houthi rebels in his country surrender. At an Arab League meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Hadi called on rebels to give up territory they took in recent offensives, and demanded that their leaders turn themselves over to government forces. The president added that Saudi Arabia-led airstrikes against Houthi rebels will continue until they cease fighting See also: The breathtaking beauty of Yemen, a war-torn land "Operation Decisive Storm will continue until all the goals are achieved, and the Yemeni people start enjoying security and stability," he said , according to Al Jazeera Read more... [...]

International officials call for release of jailed women’s rights activists in China

China's reputation as a global juggernaut, fueled by booming business over the last few decades, continues to be marred by its poor human-rights record. The latest example is the plight of five women's rights activists who are currently jailed for holding peaceful public protests International leaders have publicly called for the release of Wu Rongrong, Wei Tingting, Wang Man, Zheng Churan and Li Tingting, who are all imprisoned under China's Article 293 law, which punishes anyone who "undermines public order" with "provocative and disturbing behaviors." See also: Latest Hong Kong protests put focus on cultural tensions with China Read more... More about China , Beijing , Womens Rights , Activists , and Protesters [...]

Groupon coyly responds to sex jokes about phallic banana product

Take it from Groupon: When a product you're selling resembles a sex toy, your best bet is to play innocent. After posting a link on Facebook to a product called the "Banana Bunker," Groupon was swarmed with commenters making sex jokes about the item's resemblance to, well, you know what. See also: 19 weird things you just can't unsee The deal-of-the-day website, which is known for having a sense of humor in marketing , began replying to every one of those comments, making witty and coy jokes that danced around the Banana Bunker's appearance. [...]

16 matcha recipes for anyone green to the latest culinary craze

Matcha is the latest food craze you might not know about, but one taste and you'll be hooked This ancient, finely milled green powder has been a staple in the Japanese tea world for decades but only recently started to gain popularity in the U.S. Matcha, which translates to “fine powder tea," is a green tea extract that is known for its bright green color, health benefits and its use in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. See also: 20 Infusers That Add a Touch of Charm to Tea Time Matcha experts say the best way to enjoy the drink is to just prepare it like a latte, but foodies know that matcha has life outside the coffee cup. [...]
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