The new King Arthur mobile game gives you the power of Excalibur

In a world where the objective in mobile games is to slice fruit, launch birds at pigs, and tend to your farm, finding a good old fashioned beat 'em up game has become a difficult task. Gaming just isn't what it used to be — a tough thing for those of us who grew up on Mortal Kombat and Doom .  Enter King Arthur: Legend of the Sword , a mobile game for both iOS and Android that goes against the grain by presenting a classic action game that seamlessly weaves in adventure and legit storylines from from the upcoming Guy Ritchie film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword . You can knock the crap out the enemies, avoid flaming arrows, and wield excalibur — just like the real Arthur! Read more... [...]’s shadiness is exactly why people don’t trust tech companies

When The New York Times reported the popular inbox-cleaning app was providing anonymized user data to Uber as part of the ride-hailing company's bid to crush competition from Lyft, the backlash was swift. Outraged users took to Twitter, bashing the company and pledging to delete the service. CEO Jojo Hedaya quickly apologized, but it did little to quell the outrage. [...]

This London Underground announcer has a hilariously unique style

Normally the morning commute in London is a grim, depressing affair in which nobody makes eye contact and pretty much everyone hates each other. Now and again, though, a tiny ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds of despondency. SEE ALSO: Man finds himself in the middle of a full-blown rave on his commute home Take the TfL announcer in the video above, for instance [...]

17 glorious GIFs to help you celebrate #EdBallsDay in style

It's 28 April, folks, and that can only mean one thing: it's officially time to celebrate Britain's favourite Twitter holiday. #EdBallsDay — the anniversary of the day in 2011 when former Labour MP Ed Balls tweeted his own name — has been a long-standing tradition since 2013. SEE ALSO: 'Happy Ed Balls Day': Brits are celebrating the nation's favourite Twitter fail This year, though, the opportunities for sweet, sweet GIF-based enjoyed are at a new peak — all thanks to Balls' 2016 appearance on popular BBC dance show Strictly Come Dancing . [...]
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