Rosetta bids farewell tweeting cute cartoons in different languages

European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has descended on the surface of the comet it has been orbiting since 2014, ending its mission.  SEE ALSO: Bye, bye, Rosetta: The best moments from the spacecraft's historic mission To celebrate the end of the historic comet mission, the spacecraft's official account has been tweeting cute "mission complete" images in different languages — English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Russian, German, Swedish etc... — sending the internet into the space.  Here's a selection of the best images:  Missione compiuta #CometLanding — ESA Rosetta Mission (@ESA_Rosetta) September 30, 2016 Read more.. [...]

Things you didn’t know about the recent Batman and Superman films

We only scratched the surface on the Batman and Superman trivia in the last episode, so it’s time to get a bit more recent.  While that episode of our CineFix series, Things You Didn't Know, covered the '80s and '90s era of superhero movies, this one delves into the little-known facts behind the Dark Knight and Man of Steel films. Subscribe to CineFix for more videos: Read more.. [...]

Rescued turtle’s return to the sea made easier by child cheer squad

If you're familiar with the final scene from Free Willy , you'll know just how cathartic it is to watch an animal be returned to the wild from whence it came. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Queensland, Australia, have documented one such heart-warming return of a rescued turtle named Summer.  More wonderful still is the fact that her release a horde of school children and their parents stood as witness to the release; cheering and clapping. [...]

Nate Parker newly defiant over rape case as alleged victim’s sister calls him ‘sinister’

Nate Parker has again become defiant over the discussion of a rape charge that he believes is eclipsing the importance of his forthcoming film Birth of a Nation . In an interview with 60 Minutes airing Sunday, Parker declines to apologize to the alleged victim, who died by suicide in 2012. He also suggests that she was untruthful about the incident.  SEE ALSO: When men set a powerful example by talking about rape "I was falsely accused ... [...]
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