January recap: Top trends (so far) on the internet in 2017

We bet you didn’t expect to see one of these “best of…” headlines until sometime in mid-December.  But the way we figure, in the middle of February we can all use more frequent doses of the warm and fuzzies. Plus, there’s enough gold on the internet to warrant nostalgia-inducing updates a bit more often than simply once a year. So in 2017, we’ll be rounding up some of the top trends, stories and headlines every month, as well as offering our predictions on future trending topics that are on the verge of taking off [...]

3 steps for cutting the cable cord in 2017

Anyone who has ever dealt with a cable company’s customer service department knows that the industry is stuck in 1995 — or perhaps in the ninth circle of… well, you know where. But it’s 2017. We no longer need to be beholden to cable companies. [...]

Google Docs: A modern tool of powerful resistance in Trump’s America

During a time of impassioned protests, controversial policies, and steadfast political resistance, the people of Trump's America and those standing in solidarity across the globe are coming together in unique ways to make a difference. The stark change in political tides has reignited an otherwise subdued form of communication amongst the many scrambling to organize, and fighting to stay informed: the sharing of Google Docs. Though the simple word processing tool —which allows users to easily create, edit and share documents online—has been used since 2010 for everything from students compiling group projects to scientists cataloguing what animals fart, the personal, direct platform for collaboration has become a perfect way for likeminded individuals to connect about political issues across the country [...]
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