Kylie Jenner uses this whitening kit. But does it actually work?

This is the HiSmile Whitening Kit. It's basically a teeth whitening system designed for millennials.  It comes in a neatly designed box and includes three gel syringes, a rubbery mouth tray, LED light attachment, and a results guide.  You use it for six days, which according to the HiSmile website, can get your chompers up to eight shades whiter. [...]

10 things 2017 has made us do

Let this fact sink in: We're not even half of the way through 2017. Hasn't it kind of felt like we've been in 2017 for a million years now? There has been so much breaking (and disturbing) news so far this year that surely it will all be over soon. [...]

Let a stranger pick your next profile pic, seriously

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  According to a new study, that's true—and we're not very good at recognizing which of our profile pictures others will find beautiful.  SEE ALSO: Trendsetters teach us how to pose for show-stopping Tinder profile photos In a small experiment with 102 students, researchers at UNSW Sydney in Australia found that the photos we pick of ourselves for our social media profiles, dating apps and professional networks don't put us in the best light. [...]
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