Martha Stewart sets the record straight on Millennial Pink

At a crafting and cocktail party with Martha Stewart , the conversation will shift between a condemnation of Lil Yachty's dietary habits (not proper for a businessman) to Fourth of July decor (she recommends painting paper lanterns red, white, and blue). "What bothers me about Lil Yachty, he might be cute and all that, but he eats pizza and candy. That's all," she told reporters over pink drinks at an event in Manhattan celebrating her new line of paints and brushes with Michael's. [...]

Would a fidget spinner spin forever in space?

Space. It's the final frontier.  We all know that NASA and other space agencies around the world want us to boldly adventure into the solar system, and send people and robotic explorers deep into our cosmic neighborhood.  But what about fidget spinners?  SEE ALSO: Somebody made a giant rocket-powered fidget spinner so you don't have to The Earthly fad — popular among teens and adults alike — hasn't made it to space yet, but if it did and astronauts started twirling their fidget spinners with reckless abandon, what exactly would that be like [...]
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