These 3 topics dominated Twitter during the debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton locked horns Monday night during the first of several presidential debates and the world was watching — and tweeting and Googling and posting things to Facebook. The 90-minute session at Long Island's Hofstra University was split into six sections, covering topics such as "America's Direction," "Achieving Prosperity" and "Security America."  SEE ALSO: Trump's debate sniffles are louder than his words On Twitter, Facebook and Google, certain themes dominated the online discussion as the candidates tussled. Here's how it played out online [...]

Atlanta rapper killed in fatal car crash

On Wednesday morning Carlos Walker, aka Atlanta rapper "Shawty Lo," was the victim of a fatal car accident. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) the 40-year-old rapper, hailing from Moultrie, Georgia was killed in a car crash that took place on I-285 in southern Fulton County around 2:20 a.m.  The AJC reported that while the accident was initially described as a hit-and-run, Fulton police spokeswoman Cpl [...]

5 pocket-sized gadgets that’ll help you eat healthier

Maybe you do it for social justice, or environmental sustainability, a food allergy, or some other reason. For those of us who endeavor to eat conscientiously and in line with certain values — whatever the rationale — staying on the wagon, and knowing what we’re eating is what we’re told it is, can be difficult. Can we be sure that this scone contains absolutely zero gluten? [...]
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