Bottle flipping is being used to teach kids probability in school now

Ever since that infamous bottle flipping video earlier this year, it seems flipping bottles around is all the kids are doing now.  Year 5 teacher Lauren Hinton admitted annoying at first, when students got into the craze. "It's noisy, it's distracting and because they use the reusable plastic bottles, they often crack so it becomes messy," she told the ABC . But then she had a idea: What if she could teach mathematics to her students by disguising it with a viral fad [...]

Everyone is searching for Narendra Modi app in India

You don’t have to step out of the house to see the panic among Indians in the aftermath of country’s big demonetization push . Just go to your smartphone’s app store.  A day after India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he wants to know people’s opinion on the surprise demonetization move through his app, he is trending on the Indian App Store, and the Google Play. His app is incidentally called Narendra Modi as well.  SEE ALSO: The ugly face of India's demonetization: Dozens of deaths Narendra Modi, or a variation of his name, is all over trending section on both Apple’s and Google’s app stores. [...]

Muslim Indonesians tweet support for beleaguered Christian politician Ahok

Indonesians are furiously debating charges of blasphemy against Jakarta governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as "Ahok." SEE ALSO: In the election's aftermath, someone left a very kind note on a mosque door The Christian governor, who's also minority Ethnic Chinese, is being accused of insulting the Koran, after a September speech where he reportedly said Islamic campaigners were wrongly quoting a Koranic verse to discourage voters from supporting him. He apologised later, but that didn't stop 100,000 incensed protesters from taking to the streets this month in a demonstration that turned violent. One person died and seven were injured in clashes with the police, Jakarta authorities said. [...]
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