Why scientists think your social media posts can help prevent suicide

Take a moment to look at your emoji keyboard.  Scroll through the angry face, ghost, stiletto, doughnut, flashlight and cigarette until you reach the hearts.  There it is: love. Amid the mundane and humorous, those vibrant, colorful little shapes can easily become a rapid-fire display of affection to a friend, parent or partner. But notice, too, the broken and blue hearts, and their restrained reminders of sadness, loneliness or grief [...]

Boston bombing survivors to Orlando survivors: ‘We are family now’

They came bearing smiles and messages of support, not to mention cuddles from a few friendly service dogs. On Saturday morning, survivors of the June 12 shooting  at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which claimed 49 lives, were visited by a group that has lived through similar tragedy. Ten survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing visited six Orlando survivors  at the Orlando Regional Medical Center, the hospital said in an emailed statement [...]
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