Turns out Thor was just chilling in Australia during ‘Captain America: Civil War’

LOS ANGELES — It was arguably the best thing any studio showed at Comic-Con, and a month later, it's finally online: Marvel's very funny short film about what Thor's been up to lately. (Because what happens in Hall H does not stay in Hall H Not anymore .) SEE ALSO: No digital tricks here: Captain America's 'Civil War' bicep bulge was all Chris Evans For its dizzying array of characters, Captain America: Civil War was missing a couple of key pieces in Thor and the Hulk. Fans will remember that Hulk absconded at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron , and probably assumed that Thor was off-planet, doing Thor things. [...]

Dude documents valiant efforts to wake pantless stranger sleeping on porch

If you pass out on a stranger's property, know that you will become the subject of that stranger's Snapchat story.  Take, for example, the guy who documented his morning with a pantless stranger who passed out on his porch couch.  [H/T: Reddit ] Marvel's 'Luke Cage' is tired of buying new clothes What happens when you reply to a scam email from Nelson Mandela’s former wife Abandoned puppy has the most adorable reaction when he spots a human Fake-out snake attack footage will strike fear into your heart Read more... [...]

‘Don’t Breathe’ seals another box office win for summer horror flicks

Don't Breathe buttoned up a sweet, little $26.1 million (estimated) opening weekend box office — the final of the summer — and it was enough for a dominant #1 finish. The movie, directed by Fede Alvarez, features few stars — Avatar villain Stephen Lang is the most established — and came together around a relatively tiny $10 million budget. And yet it's already a moneymaker [...]
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