How to watch Netflix together without being in the same room

Just because you and your friends have moved to different corners of the globe doesn’t mean you have to stop watching shows and movies together. Trying to  all hit play at the same moment — as well as juggling between Netflix and Skype, a Facebook chat, Slack, Discord or any other online chat program — isn't exactly the most convenient thing in the world [...] beats Fnatic to become ELeague season one champions, the Polish Counter-Strike dynasty, bested Fnatic in a close 2-0 match to become the first ELeague champions.  SEE ALSO: Best 'Counter-Strike' plays of the ELeague semifinals: vs. Mousesports Both teams went into the grand finals on Saturday after handedly winning their semifinals matches 2-0, but ended up on top, continuing their streak of never losing in a tournament's finals. Fnatic started out strong on the first map, Cobblestone, out-maneuvering and out-shooting on almost every round. [...]

Pokémon Go smart sneaker concept lets you play using your feet

If you thought you'd seen every Pokémon Go accessory possible, think again. We present to you: Pokémon Go-enabled sneakers!  SEE ALSO: A beginner's guide: How to play 'Pokémon Go' The idea, which is still a concept at this stage, was created by New York-based start-up Vixole , a company working on "smart sneakers" with embedded LED displays and sensors.  On Vixole's website, the smart sneakers are described as being controlled by a mobile app that allows you to control what images appear on a panel on the back of the shoes.  Additionally, the shoes will have embedded sensors that will deliver notifications related to location and other app functions.  Read more... More about Fashion , Concept , Mobile Apps , Gaming , and Pokemon Go [...]
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