Facebook Marketing Boss Shares Three Lessons for Brands

Even a 29-year marketing vet like Gary Briggs has a few things left to learn. Facebook's CMO, whose previous stints span Pepsi, IBM, eBay and Google, shared three things he has learned in developing the social network's brand over the last year while on stage at Ad Age's Digital conference in San Francisco. Stories that move people speak to moments that aren't that surprising [...]

Here Come the Men of Pinterest

Pinterest's first explosive growth was fueled by women, as suggested by early reports from women's magazines that their sites were suddenly getting more traffic from Pinterest than from Facebook. But don't discount the growing group of men on the social pinboard, said Don Faul, head of operations at Pinterest, during an appearance at Ad Age's Digital Conference in San Francisco. See more video from the conference right here, with Old Navy Global CMO Ivan Wicksteed talking about the value of outtakes from its TV campaign with Amy Poehler. [...]
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