Women of the tech world march for their companies and their causes

Hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, and the night before 1 million women marched on Washington , Lauren Schulte knew she had to figure out how her tech company would navigate America's new future.  "We're going to do some stuff and we're not going to be quiet," Schulte, the co-founder of Flex , a Y Combinator startup that produces a tampon alternative, told a group of her peers from Silicon Valley during dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant in Capitol Hill.  It would be hard to find Silicon Valley founders and staffers more attuned to the risks of the Trump administration than the ones who gathered with Schulte in D.C. on Friday night. In town for the Women's March on Washington , the 18 women and one man all worked in some way on women’s health — a growing segment of the tech industry and an area under continued threat by attacks on reproductive rights and the impending repeal of the Affordable Care Act. [...]

Sundance review: ‘Ingrid Goes West’ is the Instagram horrorshow you fear most

PARK CITY, Utah — We've all been there: The 7th Circle of Instagram Jealousy Hell. Maybe not the demonic depths to which Aubrey Plaza's character goes in Ingrid Goes West — or with the same monstrous consequences — but its flames have licked at anyone who's ever posted, liked, commented or cyber-stalked on Insta.  Lookin' at you, everyone with an account, ever. As pervasive in our daily lives as social media-envy may be, movies ( Men, Women & Children, Nerve ) and TV shows ( Black Mirror ) have only begun to reckon with it — and nothing's dredged up a more heinous, yet fully realized and relatable evil than Ingrid , the most blinding light yet shone into the ugly corners of human nature on social media.  Read more... [...]

We might be saying goodbye to the iPhone’s home button

When the iPhone 7 killed off the headphone jack, some Apple fans were up in arms. If the rumors about the features of 2017's iPhone X (or whatever Apple winds up calling it) are true, the flagship phone will be losing another long-standard feature: the home button.  Don't be too sad about its passing, though — everyone will likely be too excited about what's replacing it to even notice that it's gone.  SEE ALSO: Apple files $1 billion lawsuit against major iPhone partner MacRumors reports that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been a reliable source for iPhone leaks in the past, released a research report today hinting at Apple's plans to remove the device's physical home button in favor of a thumbprint sensor embedded in the screen — the first step toward a new biometric sensor system.  Read more.. [...]

That didn’t take long: Trump’s press secretary is already a meme

We're one day into the Trump presidency and the memes are already flying. President Donald Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave a press conference Saturday in which he complained about the media's "false" reporting of crowd numbers at the inauguration.  Although he admitted to not having any, you know, hard figures, he declared:  "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe." SEE ALSO: All the best protest signs from Women's Marches across America In so many ways, he was just plain wrong. [...]
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