Soccer fans join diverse rally against anti-Muslim demonstrators

LONDON — Pegida, a far-right German organisation against the so-called "Islamisation of the West" were outnumbered by counter demonstrators Saturday at its first major demonstration held in Britain. See also: Germany's far-right movement stirs ghosts of gruesome past Pegida, which stands for “patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the west”, held the demonstration in Newcastle city centre, but found itself countered by an umbrella group of called Newcastle Unites, made up of trade unions, politicians and fans of Newcastle United Football Club among others [...]

How to turn off predictive text in iOS 8

Apple calls its iOS 8 keyboard the "smartest ever." As you type, you'll see words and phrases pop up that "you'd probably type next, based on your past conversations and writing style." Clever as this QuickType feature may be, it can be annoying if the suggestions aren't actually what you were going to type next, and you need to keep deleting words. See also: How to blow off an iPhone call with a snarky text response If your iPhone 's predictive text options drive you crazy, it's extremely easy to shut them up. Whether you're looking for a temporary fix or a long-term solution, we show you how to get rid of the options below Read more.. [...]

The story of the young pioneer girl with the tattooed face

1857 Olive Oatman Image: Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Olive Oatman was born in Illinois in 1837. In 1850, when she was 14, her family (parents Royce and Mary Oatman and their seven children) joined a wagon train to travel from Utah to California.  Various disagreements along the way meant the Oatman family eventually travelled alone.  On the fourth day, the Oatman family was attacked by a group of Native Americans (described by Olive as Apaches, but possibly a branch of the Yavapai people). Only three of the Oatmans survived the attack. Olive's parents and four children were killed; Olive's brother Lorenzo was clubbed and left for dead. Lorenzo eventually reached a settlement and rejoined the original wagon train [...]
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