How the UK government can hack your personal data

From the moment you set foot on British soil, your personal data could easily be accessed, or even hacked, by the government.  New invasive legislation has been dubbed by critics as one of the most extreme surveillance laws ever passed in a democracy.  SEE ALSO: Keep your texts private in Trump's America (and everywhere else, too) The Snoopers' Charter — aka the Investigatory Powers Act — was passed into law at the end of last year. It arguably removes your right to online privacy.  In short, it forces internet companies to keep bulk records of all the websites you visit for up to a year and allows the UK government to coerce tech companies to hand over your web history with a retention notice and remove encryption, upon request.  Read more... More about Security , Law , Data Collection , Data , and Privacy [...]

Internet turns to @Sweden on Twitter after Trump appears to invent terror attack

If you needed extra evidence the world's quickly sliding into the Upside Down, here it is: People are turning to a country's Twitter account for details about a terror incident the President of the United States appears to have made up. The whole thing started at a rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday, where Donald Trump defended his "Muslim immigration ban" before a crowd of thousands. [...]

Bill Gates isn’t kidding around when he says bioterrorism could kill ’30 million people’

President Donald Trump may have the nuclear codes, but when it comes to things to be scared about, think bigger According to Bill Gates, bioterrorism could be even more deadly. The Microsoft cofounder warned the world is not paying enough attention to "health security and international security" in some decidedly grim remarks at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, the Guardian reported . SEE ALSO: The biodegradable paper airplane that could revolutionize humanitarian aid Gates suggested that a virus, engineered by terrorists to be extra-contagious and deadly, could be devastating.  "Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year," he explained [...]
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