Comcast Cares Day trends on Twitter, not in a good way

No good deed goes unpunished, especially when you're Comcast and there's an entire subreddit dedicated to complaints about your company's notoriously bad customer service . SEE ALSO: Comcast buys DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion The annual Comcast Cares Day  —  when thousands of  the cable giant's  employees  across the country go out and volunteer in their communities  —  tremendously backfired when the hashtag #ComcastCaresDay began to trend on Twitter [...]

6 lemonade recipes to quench your Beyoncé thirst

Last week, Beyoncé blessed the world with a new visual album, Lemonade.  On top of that, she also shared  an actual family recipe for lemonade.  Naturally, hearing that recipe might make one a little thirsty.  The next time you kick back to listen, or watch to the excellent album, take a sip from one of these creative lemonade recipes. [...]

5 can’t-miss apps: Rex, Kamcord, ‘Loop Mania’ and more

With Apple and Facebook both dropping their latest earnings reports and new rumors around the next generation Apple Watch, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps See also: 7 hidden features in the latest Snapchat update Each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes an app to find podcast recommendations, an app to help you register to vote and an app with a new take on live streaming Check out the gallery below to see our top picks [...]
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