After Math: Binge On

It was a bountiful week for mass consumption. Twitch announced that it will run 6 straight days of MST3K, German police went on a 36-house raiding spree in search of hate speech and Sega's bringing some of its most beloved titles to mobile. [...]

Netflix to ‘Girlboss’ after just one season: You’re fired

It's a lesson every journalist learns in school: sometimes, you've got to kill your babies. Girlboss is the latest Netflix series to receive the kiss of death, in the form of a cancellation notice. After just one season the series joins a small-yet-growing group of streaming experiments that didn't quite land for one reason or another [...]

The strange and stylish uniforms of WWII servicewomen

Flame resistant suit with hood and bulletproof vest. Image: Herbert Gehr/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images In World War II, women in Allied countries served their nations in numerous roles, both on the homefront and in the theatres of war. The American Women’s Voluntary Services trained hundreds of thousands of volunteers to provide services in support of the war effort, from aircraft spotting to firefighting to ambulance driving [...]

We ranked the most dateable Harry Potter characters because the world needs to know

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter book June 26th, Mashable is reminiscing about the series. Enjoy. If you grew up with Harry Potter, there are certain things you know about yourself — like that you never got over not receiving a Hogwarts letter, that midnight book releases are the most lit parties of all, or that one should exercise caution when dating a Slytherin [...]

Ben Heck’s ultimate Nintendo Switch mod

Max is struggling with his Nintendo Switch, and so to avoid serious hand surgery, Ben is modding a Nintendo Switch JoyCon to move the analogue stick. This gives Ben the perfect opportunity to void the warranty on the JoyCon and tear it down to se... [...]
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